The Little Shaman is a JRPG style game that tells the story of a powerful boy seeking knowledge about the natural world of Hanan Pacha!

The game is in development and more information will be post here and on our social medias. Follow us to know more about this project.

Banzo is a game with narrative focus, placing the player in the management of a quilombo, a beacon of afro resistance, during Brazilian colonial period. The challenges include the production of resources, plot raids to free enslaved people, defend the quilombo against attacks and many others. During the game experience, the player will need to make decisions that will affect directly the story outcome.

Bacon Tales is a 2D sideview tower defense game inspired by the famous tale “The Three Little Pigs”. Player must defend the Pig’s Village against the wolves. To do this, you must gather, select and use vignettes to summon units, barriers or cast specials on battlefield. The wolfpack comes in three different lanes to attack the village. Choose a hero to help you on your journey and fortify the village to get it more resistant and able to gather more resources. Find the wolves lair to put an end to this menace!


Uruca Game Studio is an independent studio located in Brasília, Brazil. It was founded in 2013 by Philippe Alves Lepletier, and since then we are making games for several platforms. Our goal is creating amusing and innovative games by exploring new types of gameplay that can provide new interactive experiences.

Philippe Alves Lepletier

Founder | Artist | Game Design | Prototype Programmer

Homero Colaço

Musician | Composer